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1 Apr

GVO Host Then Profit claims to employ 3 dynamics that separate them from all of the other Website Hosting companies currently out there.

1) No Website Hosting Service provides all the Marketing Tools that they do.

2) No Website Hosting Service provides all the training they do.

3) No other MLM Company owns all their equipment and Fiber Optics.

However, Host Then Profit is able to charge only $9.95 per month for their service. The service also offers autoresponders and run your own Webinar Conferences. Also included is video hosting, so you don’t have to worry about your video slowing down your websites, daily training webinars, blog builder, and many other tools!

The compensation plan for Host Then Profit is a forced matrix. From watching their intro video it appears that spillover is created, so the person above you will start building your business even if you don’t recruit anyone. You can even direct your spillover to any position of your choosing, which I’ve never seen before in a Forced Matrix Plan. It isn’t recommended to join just on the hope that your upline will make you rich! In fact, you get rewarded greatly for referring in new members.

For every 5 referrals in 1 week, you get a $100 bonus! If you bring in say 15 people a week, that is a $300 bonus for that week! Once you have referred in a total of 100 people (no matter how long it takes), and they are still active, that is a $500 bonus! 200 active members that you have referred in, and that is $1000, and so on… You also earn 20% of what your referrals get paid every month! If you are one of the top 20 affiliates of the month, you split 10% of Host Then Profits net revenues for that month! You get paid 50% for every referral, and 100% for them if you have brought in more than 25 people in the month! On top of that, you earn 50cents for every person you see in your downline. Every 14 new members in your downline, you get a profit position. You can place this profit position anywhere you want in your downline. This helps you extend down farther than the 10 levels your main account earns from. Also, these positions make money too. This is truly a very rewarding program to promote!

Whether your looking for web hosting or a great paying affiliate program, you simply must join Host Then Profit today!

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